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Bx is Australia's Premier Provider of Business Events, Education and xperiences.

BxNetworking is Australia's fastest growing business to business networking community, with groups across Australia and more groups launching monthly across Australia, New Zealand and India!

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We have events all over Sydney, Canberra, The Gold Coast, Wollongong, The Central Coast and Newcastle with new groups opening from February 2020 in Brisbane, The Sunshine Coast, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, New Zealand, AND even India! 

Meetings are held every day from Tuesday to Friday, with each location hosting their event on the same day on a fortnightly basis. We host both lunch events and breakfast events, you can find out which locations and times suit you best.

At BxNetworking our meetings are relaxed, yet structured enough to ensure there are no awkward moments! Our agenda maximises the opportunities for referrals, connections and business opportunities. Every meeting location has its own leadership team to run the meeting and ensure you are well looked after and introduced to members and other visitors.

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Our Networking Events

Ever felt awkward at a networking event meeting? Pretended to check your phone or felt unsure about what to say or where to start? At BxNetworking we understand that small business is built on trust and - for many - networking can be daunting.

We help overcome this by walking you through it and keeping each meeting to a set format so all you have to focus on is making great connections. You will be looked after the moment you arrive, be introduced to other like-minded professionals and get the chance to really deep-dive into their business while giving them the opportunity to deep-dive into yours.

Groups are held fortnightly across across Australia, and soon to be New Zealand & India!

Leadership teams run each meeting, welcome visitors & ensure networking is maximised.

80% of each meeting is spent on getting to know other business owners.

It's relaxed, it's friendly & it works. And it's backed by our ROI 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Bx is opening groups across Australia, New Zealand and India. We have plans for over 300 new groups across these regions. If you would like to start a group in your area, please get in touch with us today. ​

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Some of Our xCeptional Clients

With thousands of members across all locations, BxNetworking has an incredibly diverse mix of businesses. There are solopreneurs, all the way through to 9-figure businesses! Of course, it's not about who is in the room, but who the people in the room know...but it is good to know you're in good company 🙂

At other networking events, people are generally looking for the 'quick sale' and therefore 'selling to the room'. At BxNetworking we help you build long-term, sustainable referral partnerships, creating an ongoing consistent income. We do this by connecting you with your ideal referral partners, whether they be from within the BxNetworking community or from an introduction made by a member. 

A referral partner will typically produce about $20,000 in additional income to your business every year - and at BxNetworking, most members will acquire 5-10 new referral partners every year, generating over $100k in new business annually.