Join us for BxNetworking in Braddon at our fantastic venue, The Elk & Pea Eating House.

Members and guests are welcome to join us for a sensational breakfast and coffee, and structured, yet relaxed networking event.

All members and guests will have the opportunity to talk about their business, as well as have 3 dedicated 10-minute catch-ups with other attendees of their choice. 

Need more information, feel free to contact a member of the team (below) or our office. Registration prior is preferred, however, registration and payment upon arrival is also not a problem.


The Elk & Pea Eating House

21 Lonsdale St, Braddon ACT 2612

Venue: +61 436 355 732  Bx: 1300 068 229 

7.30am to 9.30am

*All Sydney meetings are 8-10am, all ACT meetings are 7.30am to 9.30am 

$40 Meeting Fee 

​Members should book in using their 1-click booking email for member only discount

(includes a la carte breakfast and espresso coffee)


  • A friendly welcome from the Leadership Team
  • A productive meeting with like-minded businessmen and women over a great meal
  • A chance to speak in the 40 second round about yourself and your business
  • 10 minute appointments with 3 members of your choice
  • An in-depth presentation from 1 of our members


  • ​7.30 am – 7.55 am Open Networking
  • ​​7.55 am – 8.35 am 40 Second Business Introductions
  • ​8.35 am – 8.55 am Feature xCite Presentation by Member
  • ​8.55am - 9.25am Three 10-min business appointments
Register Me Here: 

Payment for meetings indicates acceptance of the terms and conditions of meeting attendance and membership. 


  • 30 + business cards
  • Any promotional material or roll up banners you would like to display
  • A desire to be yourself
Tim Hyde
Craig Phillips

Tim Hyde

Area Leader

Win More Clients

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Rachael Bursell

Group Leader

 Finance Your Future

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Craig Phillips

Member xPerience Officer

 Phillips Wealth Partners




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