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Join us for BxNetworking in ​Sunshine Coast at our fantastic venue, Cafe ​Sunshine Coast.

Members and guests are welcome to join us for a sensational breakfast and coffee, and a structured, yet relaxed networking event.

All members and guests will have the opportunity to talk about their business, as well as have 3 dedicated 10-minute catch-ups with other attendees of their choice.

Come along to a BxNetworking Meeting in ​Sunshine Coast!

We'd love for you to come along to one of our BxNetworking meetings in ​Sunshine Coast. Every meeting is relaxed, yet structured enough to provide great value, opportunities and new business connections.

All our meetings are fortnightly on a Wednesday, check out the calendar below for future meetings, and register for the next meeting! Remember, we're business networking with plenty of structure, but without all the rules!


To be announced


​​8.​00am – ​10.​00am 

Every fortnight on a Wednesday

*Refer to calendar for meeting dates


Venue: (02) 6161 1666

Bx HQ: 1300 068 229

Email: Info@B-x.com.au

Meeting Fee:

$40 Meeting Fee

(includes a la carte breakfast and espresso coffee)

What to Expect:

  • A friendly welcome from the Leadership Team
  • A productive meeting with like-minded businessmen and women over a great meal
  • A chance to speak in the 40 second round about yourself and your business
  • 10 minutes appointments with 3 members of your choice
  • An in-depth presentation by 1 of our members


  • 8.00am - 8.25am Open Networking
  • 8.25am - 9.05am 40 Second Business Introductions
  • 9.05am - 9.25am Feature xCite Presentation by Member
  • 9.25am - 9.55am Three 10-min business appointments

What to Bring:

  • 30+ business cards
  • Any promotional material or roll up banners you would like to display
  • A desire to be yourself

Invite Someone Along to a BxNetworking Meeting

We warmly welcome visitors and guests to our meetings :) If there is someone you would like to invite along, please click the link, and we'll send them some details.

It's a Love Fest!

Tanya Jackman
Tanya Jackman
03:00 16 Feb 20
When I arrived in Sydney just over a year ago, I knew no one and set out to find a business networking group to... expedite my growth in connections while fitting in with my value system. I must’ve attended over 50 different networking groups, and had almost lost hope of finding something suitable. They were either too structured with heavy KPI’s to meet every week, or too relaxed and fluffy to justify my time. Then, I was connected to BxNetworking and contacted by Laurene McKenzie (the Operations Director) who talked me through the values (Relationships | Collaboration | Inclusion) of Bx and their tested referral partner system to build the connections that would help me grow my business. It sounded too good to be true, and I was hesitant at first, but I went along, and, upon entering the meeting, I knew immediately that this organisation was different. It was professionally run, structured, yet fun and the members in the room emulated everything Laurene had said about Bx. I joined on the spot, and ten months on, I’ve never regretted it. What BxNetworking has done for my business goes far beyond the referral partners and clients I’ve connected with. The format of three 1-to-1 meetings within the allocated time is a winning formula which helps you build your connections faster, and I love the educational component of the xCite presentations. There’s so much value built into the online part of the membership too, and the Founder Matt Alderton is continuously striving to foster new partnerships to deliver more benefits to us as members each year. BxNetworking isn’t your old-fashioned networking group who only wants your membership fee every month; this is an agile and forward-thinking organisation whose sole ambition is to see you succeed and assist your business to grow. They say BxNetworking for Business is the best-kept secret in networking. Still, with their plans to double their members this year nationally and launch internationally, I can’t see that being the case for much longer. If it were me, and I hadn’t joined already, I’d make it a priority to do so ASAP! Thanks to everyone within Bx who has supported me to get to where I am today, I look forward to making 2020 our collective best year yet!read more
Philippe Flatt
Philippe Flatt
04:04 13 Feb 20
I joined BX seven months ago with the intention of connecting with other professionals to learn, share ideas and... improve my skills as a business owner. I immediately experienced the support, enthusiasm and genuine passion of a diverse group willing to help each other. I wasn't expecting referrals that generated income so quickly but that is exactly was has happened. The collaborative spirit is something lacking in many other "hard-networking" environments. An added bonus is the motivation and clarity the meetings bring to me. As a sole trader it's important to immerse yourself in a group like this. Highly recommended.read more
LessPest More Control
LessPest More Control
04:12 10 Feb 20
BxNetworking has been amazing for getting to know other business owners within the Gold Coast community and Nationally.... We have had great success growing our referral partners since joining. What I love about BxNetworking is the relaxed, fun approach which in turn creates organic growth in a relaxed environment and best of all you are still doing business!read more
Heather Mitchell
Heather Mitchell
22:45 02 Feb 20
I love Bx! It's already introduced me to so many other business owners and I feel supported in building my business in... so many ways.The structure of each meeting is really clever, providing maximum outputs in the shortest length of time. You also get access to other branches, plus online events as well. Plus additional online training.If you are in two minds about trying Bx, just go for it!read more
Darren Saul
Darren Saul
04:33 29 Jan 20
I have been a member of Bx for 6 months or so now and it's been an incredibly valuable and enjoyable experience!! I... have met and collaborated with amazing people and have had a ball. It is the perfect balance of structure and casual and you will get a lot out of it! If you are looking for a networking group in your area Bc has you covered!! Look no further..read more
Leanne Clune
Leanne Clune
04:09 29 Jan 20
Bx Networking is the best networking event I have ever attended as a business owner. It is a friendly, relaxed... atmosphere that focuses on building referral partners rather than sales. It has truly changed my business and I recommend to any business owner to at least come along and try it out.read more
Jeanette Griffiths
Jeanette Griffiths
06:00 21 Jan 20
BxNetworking has shown me how to build strategic business partnerships growing the business through referrals which... helps me work smarter not harder. Networking grows your awareness of the community and local people who could be your clients.Networking builds your confidence and self awareness. Makes you a stronger person by standing up and presenting your business at fortnightly meetings, or more if you attend multiple meetings.I highly recommend BxNetworking if you want to grow your business!read more
kerri dickmanselby
kerri dickmanselby
06:20 18 Jan 20
BX Networking is a great networking environment incorporating all of the good things about networking. The members are... engaged and professional, and invested in helping me succeed. I love my weekly breakfast with my new biz family.read more
Peter Swatosch
Peter Swatosch
00:02 18 Jan 20
BX Networking is the group to join if you don't like the rules and pressure to deliver referrals that you might get in... other groups. BX has the right mix of structure and the meetings are great fun. Also offers good training and online meetings. Most of all I have received some great referrals .read more
Shikha Colwill
Shikha Colwill
21:36 17 Jan 20
BxNetworking is like no other networking group. The vibe at each meeting is positive and there is always an excitment... in the room. After years of networking at various groups I have found BxNetworking stands tall amongst the rest. The members and contacts who provide support and honest feedback enables businesses to grow to new highs. At each meeting the insights, resources, and information gained has enabled me to expand my business and get out of my comfort zone. Definately worth my time and money!read more
Metamorphis Ceremonies
Metamorphis Ceremonies
16:46 17 Jan 20
BxNetworking is the perfect way for business owners to network! It has enough structure to ensure that everyone learns... about all the businesses but is relaxed and friendly so that real connections can be formed. I joined in 2019 and am very grateful I did. I recommend it highly for small business owners who are ready to grow their business exponentially.read more
Kylie Thomas
Kylie Thomas
02:10 15 Jan 20
Bx has given me more than just networking, it’s provided me colleagues. With a strong referral program and passionate... members, I’ve been given tools to excel. I can’t recommend Bx highly enough.read more
Mick Raterman
Mick Raterman
22:21 05 Dec 19
A good setup with some awesome people. Although the group being only relatively new, a lot of potential. Something... every small or even medium business should look into.read more
Chantal Gerardy
Chantal Gerardy
02:10 16 Nov 19
Proactive networking groups around Australia, focusing on support, growth and creating referral partnerships. Highly... recommended.read more
Hendrik Vos
Hendrik Vos
00:39 07 Oct 19
This is the networking group to join if you don't like the rules and pressure to deliver referrals that you might get... in other groups. It's relaxed and enjoyable. My business has benefited in several ways: direct leads from members, referred leads and an ability to craft messaging in presentations and elevator talks. Also offers good training and online meetings.read more
Tony Campbell
Tony Campbell
08:30 04 Sep 19
Bx provides a professional yet relaxed environment for networking with all sorts of business people from all walks of... life. There is none of the formality or pressure of some other business networking groups, yet you still get to develop invaluable business relationships. All while having fun and making new friends as well!read more
Daniel Tolson
Daniel Tolson
09:33 23 Aug 19
Bx Networking has been critical in the rapid growth of my coaching and consulting business. The Bx team attracts the... best business people so I can meet them in a convenient place every week. Be sure to visit a Bx event today, it will be worth tens of thousands of dollars of new business to you every month.read more
Fiona Kane
Fiona Kane
06:43 21 Aug 19
I love BxNetworking, I have been a member for many years, I attend many meetings around Sydney and always enjoy the... energy in the room, meetings have a great format. My business has definitely benefited in terms of more clients, however it doesn't stop there. There has also been a great benefit from education, support and mentoring I have received, opportunities to speak and opportunities to take part in business awards. I highly recommend Bx!read more
Martha Travis
Martha Travis
03:36 21 Aug 19
For anyone who is not an extrovert or naturally gifted at networking and self-promotion, this is a relaxed yet... structured way to help you grow your connections and your business.read more
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"I can't speak highly enough of BxNetworking. Not only have I built a great business from it, but the people I have met are now all good friends"

Kathleen Ann, Power Up Your Marketing, Sydney

"BxNetworking has changed my whole business model! There are so many awesome opportunities for my business with BxNetworking, not just for me, but for every business in the room. I never leave a meeting without several new connections."

Denise Maloney, Coffee News Aust, Gold Coast

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Payment for meetings indicates acceptance of the terms and conditions of meeting attendance and membership.

For more information, please see our Refunds & Returns PolicyTerms & Conditions Of Sale Policy and Privacy Policy.

Meet the Team

Every BxNetworking meeting is run by members of the group. Each team member is there to help members and visitors enjoy the meeting and achieve an xceptional ROI from their xperience!

If you have questions about visiting a meeting, please feel free to reach out directly to one of the team on their contact numbers below.

Member xPerience Officer

Operations xTraordinaire

"I do tonnes of networking, I always have - sometimes 4-5 times a week. Nothing has helped my business more than BxNetworking"

Tiz Porreca, Amongst, Sydney

"My husband and I are both in BxNetworking and we love it. Most of the people we spend time with socially are members of BxNetworking"

Penny Hyde, Fox Property Management, Canberra